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What does it mean to be a partner of HarvestNet International?

HarvestNet International (HNI) is a family of individuals, churches, ministries, and marketplace businesses who are laboring together to reap a harvest for the Kingdom.  In Luke 5, the fishermen followed Jesus’ instruction on where to cast their nets, and they received such a large catch that their nets could not hold it.  They called for help from other boats to bring in the catch of fish.  In the same way, HNI partners believe that Christ has a great harvest prepared for the Kingdom of God, and we must work together in the power of the Holy Spirit in order to reap the harvest.

HarvestNet is a relational network, but it is about much more than enjoying relationships with one another.  We enter into relationship unto a common vision: to work together to bring in the harvest.  HarvestNet provides a way for partners to connect together to encourage, equip, protect, strengthen, and share resources with one another so each one’s effectiveness in advancing the Kingdom is enhanced and expanded.  HNI partners enter into relationship not for what they can receive, but to serve and become generous toward God.  Partnership in HarvestNet requires a commitment from each partner to sow resources into each other and into our cooperative work as partners.  As we join together in obedience to the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God advances.

HarvestNet also provides a place for accountability as a means of encouraging the health of its partners.  We are supportive of those who desire to connect to HarvestNet without its being the primary source of accountability.  Therefore, while some partners relate to HarvestNet as their primary (or only) accountability, some partners remain primarily accountable to their denomination or board of directors and supplement that relationship by joining with HarvestNet for relational or spiritual accountability.  In those cases, HarvestNet will serve as a secondary place of accountability and work collaboratively with a partner’s primary accountability to encourage health in the life of the partner.  HarvestNet does require that all partners have clear oversight and outside accountability for them and/or their leadership team.

HarvestNet International Offers Three Types of Partners

Organizational Partners

  • Church or Ministry Partner
  • Marketplace Partner

Individual Partners

  • Associate Partner

Organizational partnership is for churches, businesses, and ministries who are committed to relating to HNI as an entire community.  When an organization joins HarvestNet, it represents a commitment of its leaders and all its members (employees and/or congregational members) to the other HNI partners.

Church and Ministry Partnership: We believe churches and parachurch ministries should be self-governed, but it is natural for healthy churches and ministries to want to be linked to others around a shared vision.  We are committed to the “one church” in each region and encourage each HarvestNet church or ministry to fully participate in what God is doing in their region.  Through HNI partners around the world, we can impact nations with strategic ways with wise use of resources.  When a local church or ministry joins HarvestNet, their leadership (pastors, elders, board members, executive team, etc.) commits to relationship with other HNI leaders, investing personally in the vision of HarvestNet, and involving their entire congregation or ministry staff in HarvestNet for the purpose of mobilizing, empowering, and equipping the body of Christ to advance the Kingdom locally and globally.

Marketplace Partnership: We believe that the marketplace is one of the most significant places of Kingdom advancement.  Marketplace and business leaders (and their businesses) partner with HarvestNet to be equipped and strengthened as they provide a manifestation of the Kingdom in the marketplaces of the world.  They provide significant leadership to strategic partnerships that transform communities, regions, and entire nations.  When a marketplace leader joins HarvestNet, they commit to relationship with other HNI leaders and investing personally in the vision of HarvestNet for the purpose of mobilizing, empowering, and equipping the body of Christ to advance the Kingdom locally and globally.

Individual partnership is for individuals who desire to connect with HarvestNet, but their church, ministry, or marketplace business is NOT an organizational partner.

Associate Partnership: We believe individuals are to have accountability through their local church or an established oversight team.  HarvestSENT missionaries or fivefold ministers are considered associate partners.