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Lord, Give me one more!

Sometimes a one-line prayer is all you need to keep you going. Here is one for you to think about: “Lord Give Me One More”. I am writing this on my iPad about half way across the Atlantic, traveling from London home to Pennsylvania after a two week ministry trip in Europe. My computer battery died so I could not do any more work on my doctoral dissertation. So, I decided to watch a movie. The title was Hacksaw Ridge. The movie was about a conscientious objector in World War II who refused to carry a gun but insisted on going with a combat unit into battle. He saved the lives of a lot of men but his prayer was always Lord Give Me One More! He saved the lives of seventy-five men.

As the movie closed, I remembered something that happened on the trip and realized it was the most important moment of the two weeks. During the very last session in Szekesfehervar, Hungary, I gave a ministry call for several things, including an invitation for anyone who had never been born again. I remembered saying that sometimes people attend church for a long time but never met Jesus Himself. Well that afternoon one man who was lost met his Savior. This man had begun to attend the church there with his wife, who was a believer. He had not yet made a decision, until that day. I stood and watched the pastor pray for him in Hungarian and watched his wife cry tears of joy. Soon the band broke out in some celebratory music and the place went wild, just the way it should be. I am certain the angels were having a party as well.

You know, we did a lot of things during this trip. We preached at least a dozen times, prayed for people for healing and to receive the Holy Spirit. We had tremendous fellowship with the leaders in both Hungary and Macedonia. We even did some touring of some ancient church sites in Ohrid where Christianity arrived within a few hundred years of the resurrection. However, the most important thing that happened on the trip was that one man found Christ.

Friends, there is nothing, nothing, nothing, more important than reaching people for Christ. It should be our primary objective and highest honor to be involved in plundering hell and rescuing the perishing. The Bible says that it is God’s will that none perish. I know many people played a part in reaching this man but I was happy to witness his decision and play a small part. So my prayer now as I return home again is Lord Give Me One More! I encourage you to pray the same prayer and maybe go see the movie!

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