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Mission Drift

Every few years any organization needs to evaluate if it is still “mission true”. In other words, ask the question, “Are we still focused on our mission, or have we drifted?” Peter Greer wrote a great book that I would recommend to you called Mission Drift. He describes how over time we lose focus on what our mission really is and begin to focus more on other things.

The classic example that Peter Greer gives is that of Harvard University which was founded to further the gospel and train up leaders for Kingdom mission but today is a fully secular school that is far from friendly to the great commission. A “mission true” organization knows why it exists and will protect its core at all costs. It remains faithful to the calling God gave it. It defines its values, purpose, DNA, heart and soul.

HarvestNet International was born when Ephrata Community Church began to plant new churches to reach into new communities. Later we began to add ministries and then add businesses so that we could all partner together in mission.


Even though we may do a wide variety of things, our priority must be to reach the lost. Jesus taught that a good shepherd who has a hundred sheep will leave the ninety-nine to find the one that is lost. Apparently, good shepherds count their sheep and good shepherds prioritize the lost. Each of us has a different role to play and we do so in various spheres of our culture. But every Christian was given the one central mission which is to announce the Kingdom of God and make disciples. Check to be sure you have not drifted from that central goal. Lost lives matter to God and they should matter to us as well.

The HNI annual Summit this year is called “The Sending” and it will be about the harvest. Registration is open. Come hear Bob Hazlett from Global Awakening, Johnnie Enlow discuss “The Sending” of God’s people into the fields all around us which are ripe for harvest.


Find out more about The Sending by clicking the graphic above.

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