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Love, Authority, and Signs & Wonders

Learning to Present the Gospel as Jesus Intended: In Love, Authority and Signs and Wonders

We are very excited about what we sense God is about to birth in a new school of supernatural ministry and missions in HarvestNet. The urgency of the harvest requires a new approach to the training and sending of apostolic bands to carry the Gospel of the Kingdom. God is preparing launching pads to do this all over the world as the harvest is ripe.

The gospel of Mark said Jesus chose His disciples so that “they could be with Him and so that he could send them out to preach and to cast out demons.” Luke added “He gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases and sent them out to proclaim the Kingdom and to heal.” The disciples learned the principles of the Kingdom by being with Jesus. He taught them but not in a classroom. Much of the learning was hands on learning which gave the disciples experience in addition to information.

For more than a thousand years the only way that the church prepared leaders and Kingdom workers was by using this simple relational method of discipleship. Emerging leaders were shaped in a community of others who were learning and they were guided by apostolic leaders who had vision to multiply workers. Then around 1100 a movement called Scholasticism turned the attention of the medieval world toward the academy and Aristotelian logic. While much good came from the development of the university, what was lost for Christianity was the kind of experiential preparation needed to take the Gospel of the Kingdom with signs and wonders. So our attempts to fulfil the great commission have been limited by a lack of faith and power.

Today we prepare people to serve God by giving them information. Somehow we got the idea that if people know what is true they will automatically share their faith effectively. But the early church turned the world upside down by introducing others to Jesus through encounters with a living God not simply by presenting facts. The twelve disciples made other disciples who made other disciples and the Gospel of the Kingdom was carried for centuries in the same way as Jesus brought first brought it.

But we see an urgent need for change. HarvestNet will open a new school this year which will focus on the kind of learning that Jesus commanded us to give to others. A community of prayer will provide a setting where students experience and encounter God in a transformative way. The students will be taught but they will also be sent out to learn while doing. This builds confidence and faith in their hearts. The goal is the transformation of the student not just the distribution of information.

Stay tuned for more information about the school. This will be an intensive, full time, life changing program with concrete opportunity for placement directly into Kingdom work here in the US or in other nations upon completion. Contact myself or Luke Weaver with questions or to be placed on a list of interested students.

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    I love how our Lord continues to utilize you all.


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