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General Commitments of Partners

  1. To agree with and fully support the HNI statement of faith.
  2. To agree with and fully support the vision, purpose, and values of HarvestNet.
  3. To serve as an ambassador for the vision and values of HarvestNet, and to be active in helping to establish and carry out the goals and strategies of the network.
  4. To build strong, robust relationships within the HNI family, and to connect others from your church or ministry into the HNI family.
  5. To build relationships that assist in fulfilling the values and mission of the network.
  6. To seek relationship and cooperation with HNI partners for international outreach and missions.
  7. To establish and cultivate healthy relationships with other churches and ministries in the local region, and to partner with them in the harvest.
  8. To maintain an accountability relationship with an overseer within HarvestNet and welcome accountability for ministry and life.
  9. To model servant leadership that is full of integrity in all areas of life.
  10. To adhere to biblical moral standards and standards of sound doctrine.

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