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Financial Commitments of Partners

The Bible says a surprisingly great deal about money and possessions.  Our attitudes toward finances and our use of the resources God has given us reveal deeper heart issues that are the most important.  HNI partners wholeheartedly commit to:

  1. Stewarding all that God has entrusted to us and operating in a way that demonstrates godly integrity, providing a framework by which God can pour out even more blessings into His Kingdom through HarvestNet International.
  2. Conducting financial operations (and all operations) in a manner that reflects biblical truths and practices of integrity and accountability.
  3. Knowing, understanding, and complying with the fundraising standards outlined by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability at ecfa.org. Communication with truthfulness, appeal for funds without creating unrealistic donor expectations of what a gift will accomplish, honor all statements made in appeals about the use of the gift, advise a donor appropriately of the fair market value of a gift given in exchange for a good or service, abstain from using tax-deductible gifts to pass benefits to any individual for personal use, and acknowledge property or gifts in kind without a statement of the gift’s value are important.
  4. Having financial oversight by a responsible board of independent participants who review financial policies and procedures and provide objective guidelines for use of funds.
  5. Adhering to the biblical principle that a commitment to relate and work toward a common vision should be evidenced by a strong financial commitment, rooted in a spirit of generously honoring one another.
  6. Adhering to the biblical principle that it is healthy for each local church or ministry to be sustainable in its own local context and not dependent on outside resources for long-term health (local sustainability, local responsibility, and local accountability).
  7. Adhering to the biblical principle that believers with an abundance of resources should share those resources generously with believers who lack resources.
  8. Adhering to the biblical principle of giving materially to those who care for us spiritually. 
  9. Adhering to the biblical principles of sowing and reaping, generosity, and honoring spiritual leaders.
  10. Adhering to the tithe as a biblical principle and encouraging one another to be diligent in the giving of tithes, both personally and as a ministry or business.  HNI suggests and encourages U.S. Partners to give approximately 1-2% to HarvestNet International. 
  11. Understanding that partners represent many different types of economies, currencies, and financial means.
  12. It is expected that partners will honor their commitment to HNI by giving financially as they are able to support the international mission work of HNI. Partners living in the US are encouraged to give 1-2% of their income.

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