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Credentialing Application

The call to the ministry is a serious and sober matter. The apostle James said, “Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know we who teach will be judged more strictly.” (James 3:1) Jesus said, “To whom much is given, much is required.” While the call may come with great joy, anticipation, and expectation, it carries with it the surety that the fire of refinement will be greater than that of those not called to lead. This is because the “ministry” is not about a job or a position; it is about a lifestyle of servant hood. Consider carefully Paul’s charge to Timothy in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

License and Ordination Candidate Criteria

Personal Spiritual Growth and Character

  • Have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior
  • Accept the Bible as your guide for living
  • Have a stable marriage relationship if married
  • We interpret Paul’s admonitions regarding marriage in 1 Timothy 3, “the husband of but one wife,” to refer to the act of bigamy. While we don’t disqualify candidates who have been divorced and/or remarried, we do reserve the right to question them regarding these matters and to hold them accountable in their marriages just as we would any other candidate.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to individual and corporate spiritual disciplines that results in ongoing spiritual growth

Sound Doctrine

  • Be committed to the HarvestNet International doctrinal statement and demonstrate the ability to communicate sound doctrine

Calling and Leadership

  • Demonstrate a call to ministry and have that calling confirmed by others
  • Be recognized by leadership of HarvestNet International or related ministry as a person with a call to Christian ministry and service, bearing fruit
  • Demonstrate a commitment to leadership development and networking in your community of residence
  • Demonstrate Christian leadership character as described in Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Timothy 3:1-13

Ministry within HarvestNet International

  • Under most circumstances, applicants must be partners of HarvestNet International for six months before applying for credentials.
  • Be in agreement with the distinctives as found in the HarvestNet International manual
  • Regularly attend HarvestNet International meetings or be in relationship with leadership for at least one year
  • Faithfully and consistently support HarvestNet International and its leadership with prayer, financial obligations, and active involvement in leadership events and conferences
  • Receive guidance and counsel from HarvestNet International
  • Agree to be in relationship with a mentor, as needed or requested, as recognized by HarvestNet International

Commitment to Local Church

  • Be an approved and faithful member in a local church or fellowship
  • Have three years of faithful service of some kind in a local congregation, as indicated in the pastoral reference.

Steps for Credentialing

Licensing Process

Licensing is often the first step toward ordination and is also suitable for some roles that do not involve pastoring or governing a church.

  • Submit a completed application along with the application fee of $20
  • Complete the theological questionnaire giving a short answer to each question
  • Obtain a recommendation from a HarvestNet International Board member
  • The candidate and their spouse will be interviewed by the recommendation panel
  • Upon approval of the HarvestNet International board, a one year license will be granted
  • A license can be renewed yearly as long as the person remains in active ministry, accountable to HarvestNet International and an active partner within the network
  • For a yearly license renewal, a ministry update with current ministry reporting needs to be submitted to the HarvestNet International Board by December 1 for the next calendar year
  • The HarvestNet International board will determine license renewals at their year-end meeting

Ordination Process

  • Submit a completed application along with the application fee of $20
  • Complete the theological questionnaire giving a short answer to each question
  • Supply references as required having them mailed directly to the HarvestNet International office
  • The candidate and their spouse will be interviewed by the recommendation panel
  • Some who have been licensed may be eligible to advance to the ordination level after two years of active ministry at the licensing level

Those desiring to transfer ordination credentials to HarvestNet International from another organization may apply to do so, providing that they are in agreement with the basic requirements of HarvestNet International. Acceptance is subject to approval and recommendation by the Interview Panel and Apostolic Council.