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Credentialing of Partners

HarvestNet International offers credentialing (licensure or ordination) for partners.  Specifics on credentialing can be obtained on the HNI website or at the HNI office.

HarvestNet believes that credentialing an individual is a significant commitment of both the individual and HNI leadership and should not be entered into lightly.

In order to provide suitable accountability, HarvestNet maintains the prerogative to revoke a license or ordination credential at any time, at the sole discretion of the HNI board.  Before doing so, the HNI board will normally seek and consider the counsel of the church elders and/or oversight board as part of the discernment and decision-making process.  Matters such as, but not limited to, the following may constitute grounds for the revocation of license or credential:

  • Serious moral failure
  • Intransigent insubordination
  • Heresy or false doctrine
  • Inability to fulfill the requirements of one’s office
  • Dismissal from one’s office based on suitable biblical grounds
  • Inappropriate ministry activities that damage the integrity of the partner
  • Leaving or renouncing the network

When leaving a church, ministry, or network, HNI partners may hold or transfer their credentials to another church, ministry, or network at the sole discretion of the HNI board and only when in good standing with HarvestNet International.