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Benefits of Partnership

  1. Spiritual and relational accountability through HNI partners and leaders throughout HarvestNet.  These relationships create an atmosphere in which spiritual, relational, and personal missions are fulfilled.  HNI leaders are available to assist partners with their personal growth and development.
  2. Opportunities to receive Ephesians 4 ministries, equipping, leadership development, organizational consulting, and other expertise as needed.
  3. Access to resources such as books, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, and other equipping materials.
  4. Access to financial and fundraising services, vendors, and other operational or support resources.  HarvestNet has specifically designed some services to meet the needs of small nonprofit ministries or partners with an international presence.  Please inquire with the HNI office for more details.
  5. Access to vendors or organizations for services.  Examples: insurance, publishing, legal counsel, accounting, financial planning, church planting, missiology, consulting, coaching, business development, etc.
  6. Relationships and cooperation with other partners that offers the capacity for high-level impact in international outreach by providing opportunities to reach across cultures and impact nations with the gospel through strategic long-term initiatives and short-term missionary outreaches.
  7. Opportunities to participate in strategic Kingdom actions that would never be achievable without the joint resources and commitments of each other.
  8. Opportunities to utilize one’s gifts, talents, and support services with other partners.
  9. Opportunities for personal ministry and healing prayer.
  10. Opportunities to participate and expand efforts in the restoration of the tabernacle of David.
  11. Opportunities for training through the HarvestNet School of Supernatural Ministry, Gateway House of Prayer, conferences, events, and each other.
  12. Opportunities to send or be sent out as a missionary or fivefold minister.  Please inquire with the HNI office about the specifics of HarvestSENT.
  13. The opportunity for licensure or ordination.  Please view the credentialing section for details or inquire with the HNI office.

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