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HSSM: Learn to Live Naturally Supernatural!

Christ Followers should live naturally supernatural lives.

After all everything about Christianity from our new birth on is supernatural. The gospel is the power of God. The Kingdom of God does not consist of words but power. So even though there is an anti-supernatural bias in our culture, we must renew our thinking. Even ministry should be defined as Jesus defined it not by tradition or our ideas. Jesus called the twelve together so that he could train them and then send them out to announce the new kingdom and they were told to pray for the sick and cast out demons. Jesus was also introduced in all four gospels as the one who will baptize you in the Holy Spirit. So this is the plan of God for us, that He would fill us with the Spirit and enable us to represent Him by using the gifts of the Spirit as tools to touch people’s lives.

But we learn how to use the gifts of the spirit from others and gain experience using them. It requires a willingness to step out in boldness and often this is hard to do.

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Our new HarvestNET School of Supernatural Ministry will not only train and inspire you, but you will learn by observing others and then by getting involved yourself. We begin by experiencing encounters with God personally that change us and empower us. The Bible is full of records of how people experienced God. Many times we are told not to pursue experiences, but this leaves us with a cerebral, self-help Christianity void of power.

We all need to receive impartations of the Spirit and experience the presence of God personally which will change us and empower us to live a supernatural lifestyle to introduce Jesus and the kingdom to others. The great commission will not be fulfilled by human means but by the means that God gave us. He has said it is “not by human might or power but by His Spirit.” So a supernatural lifestyle is not an option for people who chose that but a necessity for us to do ministry the way Jesus defined it.

If you are interested in more information about the new HSSM, like meeting our staff or hearing how the school was created:

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