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Connecting With God

This woman from Luke 8:23 made a connection with God that changed her life! The Bible tells us very little about this woman, except of her need for God. For 12 years, she was not only in pain but was considered unclean and untouchable. But this day she made a connection with the Almighty! She believed that she could connect with Him if she pressed in to Him. In spite of her longstanding problem she refused to accept a permanent “victim” mentality. She didn’t just say “this is just how things are going to be with me.” She was desperate to connect with Him. She could have felt that making the connection was going to be too hard or not worth the trouble.

This woman had to ignore the discouragement of others whom she asked for help and told her there was nothing anyone could do. She even ignored all the religious notions that tried to disqualify her, saying “You are unclean, you can’t connect with Him.” As we connect with God, we need to persevere and keep pressing through.

So let me get personal with you, OK? – How’s your connection with God? In this age of cell phones, we learn to watch our “connection” to maintain clear communication. If we loose our connection, we need to move to a different place. Someone once told me that God’s telephone number is JER-333 (Jer. 33:3) “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and mighty things which you do not know”. That’s a promise.

Let’s pray…

“Father I want to maintain an open connection with you throughout this day. I believe that you are interested in my situation and that you will supply my needs as I bring them to you in prayer.”

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