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Building a Functional Team

When selecting team members, their character is more important than gifting and skills. More important than having gifting and skills is that team members must have the right character to be on a team. They must have the right heart and godly motives.

Alan Vincent, my spiritual father, always used David’s formation of a team of mighty men as an example. David had over thirty men that he called his mighty men. They were all capable leaders who could have been leading elsewhere but chose to follow David because they believed in David and his vision.

14 Behaviors That Build Trust | Trust Pt. 3

Trust is built by consistent, dependable behavior. Author Stephen Covey likens relationships to “trust accounts where we deposit, or withdraw trust by our actions and words. The first five behaviors are character-based; the second five are competence based; and the last three are a combination of both. What follows is based on his list but I have added my own explanation plus number 14 is the most important of all so be sure to read to the end of the list.

A Creed for High Trust Relationships | Trust Pt. 2

In order for us to work together to fulfill the great commission together, we must trust each other. Trust is a necessary condition for stable cooperation and communication. The difference between a high- and low-trust relationship is very noticeable. Consider how trust affects communication. In high-trust relationships, you can say the wrong thing and people still get your meaning. In relationships that lack trust, you can be very careful and precise but still misunderstood.

60 Salvations

I want you to hear an incredible story I just heard about 60 first time commitments to Christ. This took place in a village, that until recently, would not allow anyone to preach the gospel in their area. I am writing from Hyderabad, India on a four city tour doing leadership conferences.  Upon arrival this morning Mohan Babu, my host brought a pastor to me whom I have known for many years.  What I was not aware of was that our charity, The Gift International, had gifted a water system to a village near where he works.  Listen as these two recount how God used a simple gift to open a closed village to the gospel.


If the link above does not work, visit https://youtu.be/V8-_ekjoj8w to hear the story!