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Session Descriptions


Ron BareOpen Hands by Peter Greer God has uniquely gifted each person with talents, dreams, and abilities. These are gifts—given by God and to be used for His glory. Peter will discuss the global impact in missions when our hands and hearts are open. Duncan2We All Have Something to Give by Duncan Watkinson What is in your hand? Everyone has something in their hands–gifts, talents, time, resources etc. God can use you to advance the Kingdom! What is in your heart? Our hearts are often hard. Why? Selfishness, busyness, unwillingness to serve, or feelings of inferiority are just a few barriers that prevent us from stepping out to use what God has placed in our hands. What is in God’s heart? His heart is full of love, compassion, concern for the poor, a desire for justice and more. As we draw closer to His heart, our hearts change and our hands will start moving. Burkholder Galen What Do You Have? Go and See by Galen Burkholder Who of us has “enough” to accomplish what God calls us to do? Our tendency is to focus on our needs and our inadequacies rather than God’s complete adequacy to fulfill His purposes through what He has placed in our hands. Stories from hard places will remind us, with Jesus, it doesn’t take much.

Local sustainability is not just a dream. The Lord has placed in the hands of churches all around the world what is needed to fulfill their God-given mission with faith, integrity, creativity, hard work, and healthy interdependence. Do we really believe the body of Christ can flourish anywhere?
Snow Terry
What Does God Want From Me? by Terry Snow As we read Exodus 4, we see Moses question his ability to accomplish what God asks of him. In John 6, Jesus approached Philip with the impossible task, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” In John 21, Jesus put the question to Peter three times: “Do you love me?” All these men were confronted with their inabilities. What does God want from you in this world of unending need and demands? Could it be the thing that you least expect?  


dave-bio-photoUnderstanding Addiction by David Hain In this breakout, we will focus on the following four points: 1. Understanding addiction as a spiritual battle 2. Discovering what the Bible say about addiction 3. Understanding the heart of an addict 4. Ministering inner healing, deliverance, and restoration to addicts and their families IMG_2094 Long-Term Impact With Short-Term Missions by Tim & Cheryl Pfautz Maximum impact doesn’t happen by accident. A short-term mission trip can be life changing with long-term impact for both the people served by the team and those serving on it. Tim and Cheryl will encourage and equip you in many aspects of your trip, from your pre-trip planning to understanding cross-cultural ministry to debriefing your experience. Learn great ways to involve those in your immediate sphere of influence in your mission experience, plan and prepare to be an effective team member, and leave lasting fruit with those you have served. Make a lasting impact with your short-term mission experience! Ron BareIdentifying Your Life Mission: Building Your Heaven Bound Legacy by Ron Bare Each of us has a unique purpose in life, but we do not always fully live out this God-designed purpose. Perhaps one of the most likely reasons we don’t is the lack of decisiveness in our busy lives or direction is unclear. We desire to live intentionally but sometimes need help to do so. God calls us to use what we have–time, talent, treasures, and so much more–all to assist you in fulfilling your destiny and to expand and grow God’s Kingdom. This breakout session gives you tools you need to help you identify your path and ultimately to aid you in living a more meaningful life so you can reach your full potential and steward all God has entrusted to you. Shertzer Jere Square Reaching nations as a Network by Jere Shertzer This will be a facilitated discussion regarding how HarvestNET churches and partners might collaborate in missions. Some churches focus on certain missions, nations, or people groups but also have congregants who have a calling toward a different country or people group. Could we work together to connect people with opportunities? How might we collaborate to maximize impact or learn best practices? What challenges do we face in mobilizing people for missions, and how might we help each other to overcome those challenges? This will probably be most enjoyable for those with a vision for mobilizing people for missions.