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Building the Net

Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is like a giant net cast into the sea gathering fish of every kind (Matt 13:47). In preparation for a huge harvest I believe God is building a huge net worldwide. He is doing this by connecting leaders and churches and kingdom businesses together for partnership. The task of global evangelization is too huge to not collaborate in our work.

I am sitting on a plane flying into Ukraine. We just finished the HarvestNET International European summit in Brussels. Gathered together there we had 110+ leaders from 12 nations. The three days were an incredible time of ministry and vision casting. But most significant of all was the sense of a need for unity and partnership within the European churches. I personally believe that this is Europe’s time. I expect to see a new spiritual awakening and a resurgence of the Kingdom of God in Europe. At one point in the worship there was a spontaneous prayer time as one leader after the other began to pray for their own nation in their own language. It was powerful. Tears and passion and heartfelt desire for unity and harvest were sent heavenward. There was an immediate faith present to ask God to do the otherwise impossible.

We did not know this when we set the dates for the summit but the European Union planned a summit at the EU Parliament building over the same days we were there to make decisions about the refugee crisis. One of my privilege was to speak briefly at pastors prayer time at the Brussels House of Prayer in front of the EU Parliament. Also on the last day of our summit there was also a church synod meeting to discuss greater unity between the Flemish and French speaking churches within Belgium. In general there was one sign after the other that God was doing some new things in Europe, strengthening connections, building faith for a move of God. It was very exciting to witness.

It’s now time to deplane in Ukraine and I am very excited to see how God is building the net in this nation as well. I know there will never be a time when the Kingdom of God is not expanding and gaining momentum. Regardless of what happens in Washington D.C. or London or in the EU in Brussels, The Kingdom of God will expand and eventually be the last kingdom standing. You can be part of the net too. All you need is a heart to parter with others who want to work together. This is one venture whose success is guaranteed.

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