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7 Ways We Assassinate A Leader’s Character

I was deeply grieved when I saw that a group of US Congressmen was shot at. But sometimes people think the best way for change is to get rid of their leaders. Who will want to lead a nation that assassinates its leaders? While we all see this act as violent and severe, many people fail to realize the less violent but equally severe ways in which they take “shots” at their leaders.

Lord, Give me one more!

Sometimes a one-line prayer is all you need to keep you going. Here is one for you to think about: “Lord Give Me One More”. I am writing this on my iPad about half way across the Atlantic, traveling from London home to Pennsylvania after a two week ministry trip in Europe. My computer battery died so I could not do any more work on my doctoral

Defining Ministry As Jesus Defines It

1. the service or functions or profession of a minister of religion
2. the tasks assigned to the disciples of Jesus at their commissioning.

When someone says they are going into ministry what do we think that means? How do we define ministry? Often in means the work of the clergy including the serving of sacraments, last rights, conducting weddings, funerals, baptisms, visiting the sick, leading in public worship and delivering devotionals and sermons. Sounds fun, right? These things must be done. But has anyone taken time to research how Jesus defined ministry?

Building a Functional Team

When selecting team members, their character is more important than gifting and skills. More important than having gifting and skills is that team members must have the right character to be on a team. They must have the right heart and godly motives.

Alan Vincent, my spiritual father, always used David’s formation of a team of mighty men as an example. David had over thirty men that he called his mighty men. They were all capable leaders who could have been leading elsewhere but chose to follow David because they believed in David and his vision.

14 Behaviors That Build Trust | Trust Pt. 3

Trust is built by consistent, dependable behavior. Author Stephen Covey likens relationships to “trust accounts where we deposit, or withdraw trust by our actions and words. The first five behaviors are character-based; the second five are competence based; and the last three are a combination of both. What follows is based on his list but I have added my own explanation plus number 14 is the most important of all so be sure to read to the end of the list.