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Core Values


  • Why HNI Exists
  • What We Do
  • Our Strategy (How we do this)
  • What is an Apostolic Resource Center?
  • Our Model
  • What is an Antioch Church?
  • Why HNI Exists

    Why HNI Exists
  • What We Do

    What We Do
  • Our Strategy (How we do this)

    Our Strategy (How we do this)
  • What is an Apostolic Resource Center?

    What is an Apostolic Resource Center?
  • Our Model

    Our Model
  • What is an Antioch Church?

    What is an Antioch Church?


HarvestNet International is a partnership of churches, ministries, and businesses that have chosen to work together in God’s harvest field.

Core Values

The Presence of God

HarvestNet values the intimate presence of the living God.  We believe God is a relational God who delights in meeting with us and loves when we spend time with Him.

We believe worship and prayer are integral to creating an atmosphere where the presence of God breathes forth power and reveals the glory of God on earth.  We believe in the omnipresence of the Holy Spirit, but also that we are stewards of His presence when He chooses to meet with us in a significant way.  In the Old Testament, King David paid worshipers to attend to God and steward His presence.  We simply believe that Jesus is worthy of our worship (Revelation 4:11).

We believe that Jesus invites us to join Him in His ministry of intercession.  It is in being with Jesus that we catch His heart and are empowered to intercede and act so that His Kingdom will come on earth “as it is in Heaven.”

The Kingdom of God

HarvestNet values the increase and expansion of the Kingdom of God.  We honor Jesus Christ as the worthy King, and we seek to surrender to the governing laws, morals, principles, power, and values of the Kingdom of God.  We seek to take the Kingdom of God “from the secret place to every place.”

The Kingdom of God is central to all of Christ’s teachings that He taught His apostles and can be summed up in the following descriptions:

  • Kingdom Character, Culture and Values: Love God.  Love people.  Live in faith.  Live obediently.  Live eternally focused.
  • Kingdom Process: This is simply “being with Jesus.”  Jesus taught His disciples to wait until they were endued with power from on high via the Holy Spirit being poured out BEFORE they engaged in fulfilling their mandate—to take the Kingdom of God to the nations through the preaching of the gospel.  We can be with Jesus in living encounters with Him through time in prayer, worship, meditation on the Scriptures, and simply “waiting until” He releases fresh guidance from His Spirit and daily power on our hearts.
  • Kingdom Power: This is the imparted effect and end result of being with Jesus.  The apostles were taught to bring the Kingdom of God through demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power.  They were not permitted to testify of the Kingdom of God without the Holy Spirit’s enablement.  Good oratory skills are not a sufficient substitute for God’s power to effectively establish the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven.”  At its heart, God’s power manifests to minister to the oppressed, set captives free, and ultimately reveal a “kingdom not of this world.”
  • Kingdom Purpose: The Great Commission . . .

Proclaiming the gospel of Christ through evangelism
Making disciples of the nations through teaching the Word of God and equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry
Contending for the faith through spiritual warfare and doctrinal purity
Influencing and impacting society in “gates of influence” referred to as the Seven Mountains

The Word & Spirit

HarvestNet values the Word of God as contained in the Scriptures and in the Scriptures’ partnership with the Holy Spirit in all dynamics of ministry.  Along with the Scriptures, God also leads us through the subjective voice of the Holy Spirit and practically ministers to us through His spiritual gifts.

Many times churches that stress the work of the Holy Spirit neglect sound doctrine.  Churches may also focus on sound doctrine but neglect the work and voice of the Holy Spirit in this present age.

We value the Scriptures as the final authority in all areas of life and practical living.  The Scriptures are our “Kingdom textbook” and all doctrine (i.e. spiritual things we believe), prophecy, teaching, and prayer are both inspired by and held accountable to its standards.

Authentic Relationships

HarvestNet values authentic relationships as the backbone of our network within the context of the rest of our values.  This ‘authenticity’ implies that we want to know one another, in our weaknesses and our strengths, and grow with one another as we pursue advancing the Kingdom of God together.

We believe organizational structure is valuable to the degree that it serves and facilitates these kingdom relationships.  The idea is “form serving function” or the organization serving the organism. HarvestNet will change or alter structure as needed to accommodate these authentic relationships.

At its heart, making disciples implies making spiritual family or “sons and daughters” through the gospel of Christ.  Therefore, we value spiritual fathering and mothering as essential for healthy, kingdom-family growth.

Team Ministry

HarvestNet values doing ministry as a team.  No one individual has everything the body of Christ needs.  We need one another’s gifts.  We simply are better together and work as a team in our ministries, in our regions, and across generations.

  • Ministry Teamwork: We value all the ministry gifts as found in Ephesians 4 and the spiritual gifts described in 1 Corinthians 12 as being essential to the fulfillment of God’s purpose for the church on earth.  It is imperative these gifts work together honoring and valuing one another.
  • Regional Teamwork: To see a region or nation discipled and transformed will require the body of Christ in that region or nation to work together as a team to advance the Kingdom of God.  HarvestNet is not a local church congregation but rather an international parachurch ministry that supports the work and mission of local congregations and their collective regional expression.
  • Multigenerational Teamwork: In 1 John 2:12-14, three generations of spiritual maturity are described: fathers and mothers, young men and women, and children.  We believe and value these seasons of life’s spiritual journey and believe God intends for all three generations to work together in teamwork.  We value the wisdom of those who have lived life and have gone before us as spiritual fathers and mothers.  We value the creativity, energy, and zeal of the young men and women.  We recognize the need to perpetuate the things God has taught us and seek to birth, train, and equip spiritual children.


HarvestNet believes the Kingdom of God is a place of health and vitality.  Healthy leaders, healthy relationships, and healthy organizations reproduce healthy disciples.

  • Personal Health: Healthy leaders make healthy ministries.  This includes how a leader manages their time, their finances, and their physical body, their work ethic, and their “rest ethic.”  Personal health includes commitment to time with God in worship and prayer, study of the Scriptures, and input from others. Personal health includes devotion to ongoing training and personal growth to help them better serve those under their care.
  • Relational Health: While we have mentioned the need for authentic relationships in a previous value, relationships—marriage, family, friends, and work relationships—need to be healthy.  For relationships to thrive and grow, they must be free from one person seeking to control or impose their will on another.  For relationships to be healthy, there must be freedom of communication in order to clearly hear one another’s honest perspective.
  • Organizational Health: Clear vision, measurable goals, and an energized staff are all important to organizational health.  Organizational health is not too dissimilar from the personal health category mentioned above.  To be healthy, it matters how organizations manage their time, their finances, and their staff care.  It is also imperative that healthy decision-making processes are implemented and carried out with diligence.  Healthy organizations have good organizational structures that serve the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

Local Church

The local church is God’s primary vehicle for advancing the Kingdom of God.  Therefore, HarvestNet values existing local churches and the continued establishment of new local churches as the primary means of Kingdom expansion.

All partners of HarvestNet are required to demonstrate their support of local churches by being a practically committed, submitted, and serving member of a local congregation of believers.  We accept any gathering of believers in Christ, whether in a house church, a mega-church, or any size in-between, where there is definitive leadership of elders or pastors who give direction and oversight to the congregation.  We do not recognize gatherings without defined leadership/eldership as a local church, although we affirm Jesus can be and is present in such gatherings.