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What Our Partners Are Saying

“Becoming a HarvestNet partner has greatly impacted me both personally and professionally.  I am thankful for the powerful ways God is using my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, at HarvestNet, to minister and to edify.”  Dore Worhun, Jacob’s Well Senior Ministry

“It is so encouraging to be related to other ministry partners and to know we all understand the struggles and the victories!”  Sue Ferrari, Director of Breath of Life Ministries

“Receiving input and encouragement from like-minded leaders, on a regular basis, has been rewarding and uplifting.  Being equipped for greater effectiveness, as a HarvestNet partner, is a privilege I value deeply!”  Frank Ferrari, Transformation Ministries

“Being a partner, I feel cared for, valued for who I am, and part of the family.  Integrity and consistency exists at all levels.  HarvestNet, for me, is about relationships and finding ways and means of strengthening our lives, marriages, families, and churches.”  Ovid Schultz, Balm of Gilead

“HarvestNet is not just a ministry organization, but a family focused on seeing everyone working together to build the Kingdom of God.  Being part of HarvestNet has truly blessed our ministry from the teaching, to the prayer support, to all the wonderful relationships we have built.”  Mike Wenger, Director of TNT Youth Ministry

“HarvestNet has represented a relational network where I can be encouraged as well as equipped.”  Stuart Osborne, Senior Pastor at Encounter Church

“HarvestNet helped ‘parent’ me and my ministry during the early years of it’s development.  Surely without HarvestNet, I would not be where I am at today.”  Jimmy Nimon, Messenger

“HarvestNet has true apostolic leadership that is there to serve and help, rather than control.  HarvestNet has true apostolic fathers with relational emphasis.”  Jamie Fitt, Philadelphia Tabernacle of David

“I love seeing unity in the Body of Christ in action!”  Jesse Rothacker, Ephrata Community Church

“The vision engendered and input provided by HarvestNet, it’s members, its leadership conferences, and consequently Alan Vincent, has been the most significant and transformational input into my (and my family’s) life in at least the last 10 years.”  Dan Rogers, Ephrata Community Church

“I am very happy to be part of HarvestNet International.  I have known Barry for past the past 13 years.  He is a wonderful man of God with a heart to the reach nations of the world.  He connects pastors to reap a great end-time harvest.  I have been impressed by the togetherness and friendships within HarvestNet.  I always believe unity brings a great blessing.  I could see these blessings in HarvestNet, which then flow to this nation and the rest of the world.  As the coordinator for Asia, I am truly blessed to be a part of HarvestNet.  It is a great place to find love, vision, motivation, a great challenge, and wonderful hospitality.  The ministry always blesses me personally.  Together, we can see a global harvest reaped for the glory of God.”  Mohan Babu, Asia Coordinator

Endorsements by Apostolic Leaders

“In my travels these days, I regularly meet leaders who are asking for biblically-based training and cutting-edge insight into what God is saying and doing in His Church at this time.  The words ‘authentic’ and ‘integrity’ come to mind immediately when I consider what is offered by HarvestNet International.  I believe this is a ministry raised up for a time such as this that offers biblical integrity alongside practical application that is essential for any serious Christian who wants to be highly effective in their area of work and ministry.  HarvestNet International challenges the issues of the hour while offering training that is in keeping with 2 Timothy 3:17, ‘so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.’  I thoroughly commend and endorse this ministry of the 21st century Church.”
Rev. Dr. Alistair P. Petrie, Executive Director Partnership Ministries

“As a growing movement of ministries, HarvestNet is characterized by acceptance of others as Christ has accepted us.  Leaders rightly look to this network for theological balance, wise counsel, and encouragement that lead to transformation.”
Keith E. Yoder, Founder and President, Teaching the Word Ministries

“I have known Barry Wissler for more than 30 years.  I am so encouraged by
the kingdom-mindset that can be found in HarvestNet and their integrity with both God and man.  We are honored to serve the Lord together with our friends in the HarvestNet family for kingdom expansion worldwide.”
Larry Kreider, International Director DOVE International